by Damon at 2:52 PM
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Hello Everyone,

This website was down for over a week! Apologies for this... apparently one of the elements had expired, but we have it fixed and back up now.

And, we are going to be more vigilant going forward in keeping it clear of all the spam in the forums! There are a few of you who have my Facebook contact details, so please continue to message me here or there and let me know if any spam shows up, and I'll delete the spam, ban the user, and ban the IP. At some point, we'll probably add a better confirmation scheme for all users who register on this website so we can avoid the bots.

And, we are now getting some traction on bringing Red Baron back to market. We have several pieces of exciting news that I can't share yet! Sorry...
by Chris at 12:50 PM
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Today we have some great news!

Red Baron has made it onto Steam through Greenlight. This is another step on our journey! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!
by Chris at 2:11 PM
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Greetings Backers and Red Baron fans,
As some of you have noticed and mentioned, the Kickstarter for Red Baron hasn’t been quite as successful as we had hoped. We are a new to crowdfunding, and in turn the Red Baron campaign didn’t quite reach as many ears as we needed.

That being said, we are going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign… for now. We will still be moving forward with Red Baron with the plans to relaunch the campaign early next year.

In the next few months we will be honing our message and vision, along with improving Red Baron based on the feedback we received from all of you.

What we need you to do is help us grow awareness and community. If we want Red Baron to succeed then we need to get the word...