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We are officially adding support for Linux and SteamOS! Thanks for weighing in and letting us know how much you want it.

We are big fans of SteamOS. We think it will be a great platform for games!

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Since I left the game and flight sim industry in 1994, the new flight simulators have not appealed to me. They have truly excelled in the obvious areas: graphics and flight model. But I think they dropped the ball in other key areas. I don’t think the campaigns are as immersive and compelling as they could be. They certainly haven’t pushed design in this area at all.

And, I think they pretty much have ignored the vast majority of people who don’t play flight sims. This is sad. The genre could be so much more popular and be filled with so many more great gamers. I myself am a hard-core flight sim player—I’m a real pilot, and I am familiar with the details of flight and weather and airplanes—but I want to bring in many more people. Right...
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We’ve had a few questions about the flight model, and its level of fidelity.

Red Baron's Realism Panel

The flight model will manifest all the primary forces of aerodynamics: thrust, drag, lift, gravity; and the player will be able to manipulate the pitch and rotation of the aircraft with the ailerons, the rudder, and the elevators; and as pilots know, the throttle will also affect pitch and bank (due to torque). Of course, high angles of attack will result in stalls, and should one wing stall before the other, spins. We’ll also have some of the more nuanced effects such as gyroscopic precession caused by propeller and engine rotation (in the...