Is it still alive or dead?

Discussion in 'Red Baron Project Discussion' started by DJ Optik, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. DJ Optik

    DJ Optik New Member

    Is there anyone here who knows somethink new? I mean since December 2013 (Greenlight) there was no new information about the gamestatus. The Facebookpage is also realy dead.
  2. Topgumby

    Topgumby New Member

    Well, in some deleted posts, it was hinted that a November announcement was coming. I kind of hoped 11-11-14 would be appropriate.

    November isn't over yet, just half over.
  3. hardkill

    hardkill New Member

    I hope its alive, was the best game I ever played.
  4. halibut

    halibut New Member

    if it was the best game you ever played?........ why is it that you dont play it now ;) ...i do every day :)
  5. Topgumby

    Topgumby New Member

    I'd say it's fair to say the lack of any info is kind of hurting morale over on the Steam Greenlight boards.
  6. hardkill

    hardkill New Member

    Because the game became outdated for new computers, no glide on new graphic cards, new games came out, hackers ruined the game. But overall it was still the best game around.
  7. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    Hey Halibut

    Do you play MMP or SP, every day?? Man, its been a long time since flying with you.
  8. halibut

    halibut New Member

    my computer is new, no problem.... dont need a glide card, glide wrappers do the trick. ....but frankly graphics dont bother me, i would play it if it was in black and white and stick planes :).
    and i would submit the witch hunting for hackers was more damaging than the actual hacking. as you can guess i dont miss the "good old days" at all. a far better environment these days on the kk server. :)
  9. halibut

    halibut New Member

    never embraced single player, the attraction is always playing against other breathing humans :)
    you can find all the information on when to play in zilskis posts here :)
  10. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    I agree Halibut. Live cant be beaten, for me as well. When Vivendi cut off support in 98, except for a few patches, keeping the code upgraded never happened and the code was lost or deliberately deleted by a disgruntled employee, so the rumours go. The speed hack was created and shared by some and the witch wars began on perceived and real cheats. What RB3D could have become and could have continued progressing toward is nothing short of the ultimate WWI SIM from 98-Present. There would have been no reason for ROF since the game could been improved continuously at low cost because the original code was so good.

    As you may have read last year and earlier this year, this was fully proven when we upgraded the singleplayer code to the latest version of VisualStudio creating a modern game, without new graphics being created to make use of the new hi_def. We didnt go beyond that and we did not have mmp code or
    right to sell the new sp code developments- no way to get reimbursed.

    Hardkill, if you havent flown the mountains of Italy in iMap, check with Stan_ Zilski

    Any new RedBaron can stand on the shoulders of RB3D, the best WWI sim ever.

    Long live RB
  11. halibut

    halibut New Member

    red baron is a beautiful thing that still amazes me every time i start it up each day..... it was wasted as you say, but it will always be fine for me as they left it :) .....but i have the "use your bloody imagination" patch loaded and that i find is sufficient ;)
  12. Topgumby

    Topgumby New Member

    Pretty telling that a thread looking for information in the current RB project forum devolves into a discussion about the continued viability of RB3D, with absolutely zero input from anybody with any actual information about the status of the current project, or even a cursory explanation of why there has been so little communication about it.

    Even the threadbare "you'll hear something in November" posts have been deleted, and the only recent posts on the Steam forum are all about how this is beginning to look a lot like a blind alley.

    I'd love to see RB fly again, but I'm going to move it from my "Eagerly Anticipated" file to the "We'll See, Maybe Someday" bin.

    Hope I'm wrong and a release is just around the corner, but even the echo chamber of hopeful fans isn't generating any positive echoes.

    Wake me up when it gets here.
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  13. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    Nature abhors a vacuum.......
  14. Old Gregg

    Old Gregg New Member

    Very well put, Topgumby.
  15. DJ Optik

    DJ Optik New Member

    Well, december I think it's dead.
  16. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member


    Usually, one doesn't know what one doesn't know....
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  17. DJ Optik

    DJ Optik New Member

    The trick is to know what one doesn't know....

    BTT: No Information in about one year isn't the best way to promote a game or to show that's still alive.
  18. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member


    Indeed. I have zero insight into the answer, but I do know that everyone does business differently and we all might hear, with no warning, that something new exists - or we may just keep hearing <crickets> instead of Otter chirps. ?Quien sabe? I tend to believe that MOtter intends to do what they have posted they would.

    In the meantime, I guess I will stay "devolved" in my love for flying the existing best WWI Campaign and custom scenarios, RedBaron3D, on my private, not publicly available modernized version which I outlined at early this year.

    I really hope someday we get the thrill of an announcement on a brand new Red Baron....yo, Santa!?

  19. Gary Trotman

    Gary Trotman Moderator

    OK , i got a little bit of info for you guys . Damon is still talking to investors , but does not have the funding yet , Lets hope that changes .
    That is all i can give you guys ! At least we still have a good chance.
  20. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    S! Gary

    In a desert, a shotglass of water means a lot!

    Are you an Otter?? <chirp>



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