Is it still alive or dead?

Discussion in 'Red Baron Project Discussion' started by DJ Optik, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Swampfox

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    Yeah. See above post By Gary after I asked if Gary was familiar with RB3D. Then I posted some questions in the next post. Disappeared.
  2. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    Yep. I posted Gary"s lost post which was a response to my question askinG if he was familiar with RB3D. After that post, I posted questions about Gary"s views.

    Gary can confirm that post, which was deleted.
  3. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

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  4. Brother Lobo

    Brother Lobo New Member

    Glad to FINALLY see an update posted!

    I am very excited about this project. I played RBII/3D in the late 90's to the mid 2000's until MMP died out. With a good product and proper marketing I think Red Baron is ripe for a comeback.

    I would like to express a few grievances about the way this project is being handled though. It would make much more sense to put the latest info on the homepage instead of burying it in forum discussions. Also, having facebook, twitter, and steam pages that haven't been updated in nearly a year is shameful. How exactly do project managers expect to spread info and create "buzz" and perhaps find new investors if the whole thing has the appearance of a fish dead in the water? Equally shameful is that what little info is available is being passed on second hand rather than from the horses mouth! It's all a little disrespectful. I think I speak for a number of visitors when I say this- we aren't asking for much, just a basic courtesy that lets everyone know the project is still alive even if there are hurdles.

  5. Old Gregg

    Old Gregg New Member

    All good points. In my opinion the reason that no updates have been posted is because this project was abandoned as soon as the Kickstarter failed. NOTHING has been done since then, and even if someone has been "looking" for investors for the past year and a half, if they haven't found any by now, they never will.
  6. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    Gents and Ladies, I owe Gary a big apology. The brief exchanges with Gary were done on private conversation.

    Same to you Old caught it but I didnt realize it until now.


  7. Zach Thomason

    Zach Thomason New Member

    I've been aware of Red Baron since late 2013, but didn't realize it was an independent project, as its been on my mind a lot recently I decided to follow up on it's progress. I must say, this is rather disturbing -- every discussion seems to come back to a failed project, but I can find any official information to back that up. Is that just hear-say, or has this project been officially axed?

    I'd hate to see this project fail; Red Baron 3D played a huge factor in helping me decide my career path (<-this is an understatement), and I vividly remember waking up at 2:30am every morning just so I could score a few Sopwith Camels before school. If this project is still active though, I'd like to pitch in a couple hundred bucks (while I'm still in college).

    All the best,
    -Zach T.
  8. Force10

    Force10 New Member

    I'm with ya...Red Baron II/3D is one of the titles that definitely set the hook for flight sims for me. The problem is the new Red Baron that was on Kickstarter was a clear departure from what made the original great. No historic squadrons or skins, no realistic cockpits, no engaging or immersive career system, a damage model that looked like planes were packed with TNT and exploded and disintegrated with a couple shots. All rounded out with a Zelda like color scheme.

    When you try and resurrect a loved franchise...but don't adhere to anything that made the original's pretty much doomed. There are just too many "arcade" shooters out there to compete with. We don't have to have hyper realistic flight models or damage models, just something a little more realistic like RB3D was. The huge community that surrounded Red Baron...and all the mods that were made by the community...were all geared toward historical accuracy and realism. Not one modification was made to make it more "arcadey". I wish they would just take the RB3D code and update the graphics and terrain...and take another run at the kickstarter.
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  9. Zach Thomason

    Zach Thomason New Member

    I'd personally like to see some good physics, but accurate cockpits and scenarios are a must. If they were just to make a facelift using bleeding-edge graphics and some decent physics (maybe a couple extra features - flyable bombers), I'd give $50 for that right now.

    Judging by the fact that it took almost a week for someone to post a reply, I'd say this probably won't happen, but if it does I know there would be plenty of demand for it. I was chatting with a couple other aviation students, both expressed a desire for something like this. I think a well made, well managed WWI flight sim would do pretty well, even in today's gaming climate, if it can get out of development.
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  10. Spartan

    Spartan Member

    Just dropped by, after an absence of months, to check to see if.....well, the title of the thread says it all. Wow, no posts since June.....and only a sprinkling of those. I do know that several posts (not private conversations), including some of mine, were deleted at some point, but I think it was in error. Damon was last here one year ago, 08/14/2014.....which certainly indicates a lack of interest, and does not help the feeling of abandonment on these forums. I agree with most of the comments that have been made. We ain't asking for much fellas. I just don't understand why a little bit of time and effort can't be thrown our way with an updated version of RB3D. I'm pronouncing this effort dead. (PLEASE! Someone prove me wrong!)
  11. Force10

    Force10 New Member

    I'm pretty sure it's dead. It looks like Mad Otter and Damon have focused on Villagers and Heroes...a free to play MMO game.

  12. Old Gregg

    Old Gregg New Member

    Interesting how over the years RB/RBII/RB3D has been traded like a playing card. Various owners of the intellectual property get the rights, think some day they will make use of them, and then sit on them and do nothing. IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO DO ANYTHING, WHY NOT PUT IT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN SO ANYBODY WITH AN OUNCE OF MOTIVATION CAN DO SOMETHING WITH IT? IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING, GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. (Sorry for shouting, but no one's listening anyway .....)
  13. Spartan

    Spartan Member

    Villagers and Heroes? Seriously?

    I hear you Old Gregg, and we have a right to shout on these the tumbleweeds blow by.....
  14. Old Gregg

    Old Gregg New Member

    very appropriate imagery [​IMG]
  15. Spartan

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    LOL, indeed. Well I guess the only thing left are the words.....

    The End

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