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  1. Chris

    Chris Art Director Developer

    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to take a second to talk about posters and the format of our future kickstarter updates.

    Poster Art
    We have had a few people ask about the posters from the reward tiers.

    After the Kickstarter completes, backers of the appropriate tiers can select from any of the poster styles that we have available. Currently we have four pieces, but we may be adding more.

    All posters sizes will be approximately 24"-30" depending on the individual piece.

    "The Red Baron Flies Again" -Chris Fulkerson

    "Serenity of War" -Caleb Gresham

    "On the Hunt" -Caleb Gresham

    "Zeppelin Blitz" -Caleb Gresham
    Future Updates
    Throughout the campaign we will be releasing updates that go into great detail about key aspects of our game. Things like flight model, single player, multiplayer, controller support, Oculus rift, etc.

    Additionally, because of our love of historical accuracy and authenticity, we are going to be releasing a tidbit of historical flavor with every update. These will be things like ace quotes, ace bio's, plane specs, etc.

    So to start us off, a quote from Guynemer.

  2. Ernst Udet

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    I'm a big Aviation Fan as I am sure many of you out there are. I appreciate the attention to detail as my father was an Aircraft Spotter for the 118th Anti Aircraft Artillery which served in Europe during WWII. The 118th established defenses for the first operational Airstrip on French soil at Omaha Beach in June of 1944. My dad knew all about the history of all aircraft and was especially fond of the old Bi-planes from the Great War. Since his call meant the difference between friend or foe, he knew the details of each plane. Keep it real!

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