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  1. Chris

    Chris Art Director Developer

    Greetings Backers and Red Baron fans,
    As some of you have noticed and mentioned, the Kickstarter for Red Baron hasn’t been quite as successful as we had hoped. We are a new to crowdfunding, and in turn the Red Baron campaign didn’t quite reach as many ears as we needed.

    That being said, we are going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign… for now. We will still be moving forward with Red Baron with the plans to relaunch the campaign early next year.

    In the next few months we will be honing our message and vision, along with improving Red Baron based on the feedback we received from all of you.

    What we need you to do is help us grow awareness and community. If we want Red Baron to succeed then we need to get the word out. We will be doing our part, improving Red Baron, but we need your help as well. Please tell friends, invite others to one of our social platforms, share us, tweet us, whatever it is that you do, please do it!

    We urge you to head over to Facebook or Twitter and give us a like or follow us so you can stay informed. Additionally we have a website with forums that we will maintain, a place for our community to grow, and a place where we the developers can hear directly from you guys. We are going to be posting developer blogs, design notes, and having frequent talks with you the community.

    Finally, we want to thank all of you for your early support and incentivize all of you to get hooked into one of our social media platforms. At the end of November we will be marking down all of the people who have followed us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, or joined our forums. Everyone marked will be given alpha access to the game, as long as the tier you select during our next Kickstarter campaign contains a copy of the game.

    Please help us spread the word about Red Baron over the next few months, and together we can build an amazing game. The Red Baron will fly again!

    -Damon Slye and the Mad Otter team

    Here are the links to our pages again:
  2. Coffee Warlord

    Coffee Warlord New Member

    Good way to get people to register for your forums. :)

    Unfortunate, but not surprising, the way things were going. Out of curiosity, where does this put you from a development standpoint? Still moving forward? Is pushing forward a less ambitious 'version 1 (or 3, if you'd like)' without KS funding viable?
  3. Catball

    Catball New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that! :(
  4. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Coffee Warlord, (nice name, btw... I think I'm at least a coffee warrior. I have a coffee bonus card, and am up to 85 free coffees and counting. I have promised to give it away to someone when we reach our KS goal).
    My vision with Red Baron is more ambitious now. That sounds odd I guess, but we have learned a lot about what the players want, and think we have a winning vision that will attract many players -- and is the game we want to build. I think the flight sim / game genre has lost its way and is presenting a poor choice to the players (hardcore sim or arcade action). I want to build a deep game with rich gameplay, but at the same time is easy to learn. The complexities are discovered over time. We want Red Baron to be the best in class of all the flight games out there.
  5. Beer30

    Beer30 New Member

  6. Coffee Warlord

    Coffee Warlord New Member

    85? Amateur. :)

    Though I must ask, from where does this coffee come from? If you stay Starbucks, just be aware, I've killed men for less. 85 free cups of that swill should be a punishment.

    Now that I've got THAT out of the way, we're in very close agreement, though I'd even go a step further - the flight sim genre hasn't just lost its way, it's nearly vanished altogether. I just can't consider (insert any arcade shooter that happens to feature a plane here) an actual flight sim. Personally, I attribute this to primarily - mainstream developers wanting to play it safe, along with the current mindset of 'Everything Must Be Multiplayer'. While I can understand that's where the money tends to be these days, it lends itself to overly simplistic gameplay and/or utterly mindless time sinks. And I'm too bloody old anymore for that kinda crap. There's just a complete lack of in-depth single player campaigns/careers in the vast majority of sims these days. It's not like I mind multiplayer, but I honestly think the trend to focus on it has harmed a lot of game genres.

    Anyway. Quasi rant complete. Go build me a freakin' flight sim already. :)
  7. Damon

    Damon Developer

    I get my coffee from a local coffee house. It's three blocks from the office and keeps me fueled up. Best coffee in the world!


    We'll push single player further than anything I've seen before. I'll do some updates later with detail on where and how we'll push it. And, I'm a fan of multiplayer too. We built a small but fan multiplayer flight sim a few years ago, and learned a lot about how to keep pacing up and not have the matches deteriorate when one side has an advantage. I always want both SP and MP myself, so long as they go together well.
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  8. Tulaig

    Tulaig New Member

    Coffee you forgot to add ported to a console so the game just sucks on the PC.
  9. Coffee Warlord

    Coffee Warlord New Member

    Good news! I've decided not to kill you!
  10. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Save it for the skies! I'll be waiting.
  11. Bedwyr

    Bedwyr New Member

    I really liked RB 2 and 3d, the big issue with the MMP side of the game was it was sooo unfinished....the AFM was very wonky...the super pumpkin headed hit box on the Pfalz XII, the flame bug that kicked everyone out of game play if you decided to ride a flaming plane to the ground, the lack of balloons along the front..Oh and for the love of God bring back the advancing and cheering troops along the front! !
  12. cliffordcarlson

    cliffordcarlson New Member

    Definitely the awareness isn't there. Found out today on a list of Kickstarter PC exclusives on the star citizen forums.
  13. Gary Trotman

    Gary Trotman Moderator

    Be careful , damon may just have old Anthony Fokker install a special rotary engine into his Dr-1 with just a bit more horsepower.
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  14. Gary Trotman

    Gary Trotman Moderator

    Haa Haa Haa , I remember the cheering AI troops. wow . bringing back memories .
    I used to land my DR-1 at a forward base and leave computer and game on , my wife and i had a few arguments when at 3 or 4 AM some nightcrawler would get online and fly into range and the raid sirens would wake us up.
    I jumped out of bed to get into the air to defend the base to the consternation of my wife. lol
  15. thepurplebaron

    thepurplebaron New Member

    As someone who loves the original Red Baron but can't get into most other flight sims, this sounds like a great vision. The realism settings allowed players to learn the game and have fun without getting frustrated. The other flight sims I've tried are, well, a lot like most driving sims, there's no way to work up to speed, too complex, and have no gameplay elements aside from the flying itself. I'm sure that's a big part of why flying games in general have fallen off the radar and become a niche. The huge manual with a historical outline of the war and flying tactics added even more value to the original, though, of course, times have changed and we care more about trees now. :cool:

    Also, for me, it's ultimately the historical emphasis of the original game that makes it fun to play almost 25 (when did I get so old? further research required) years later. The entire experience, from the menu design, to the music and sound effects, the aircraft profiles, challenges from famous aces, advancing in rank and earning decorations, new planes arriving at the front, etc. make it fun and give it replay value even for people like myself who otherwise aren't really interested in flight games.

    Incidentally, I came across this project while looking for tips on balloon-busting in the original game, that's one skill I've never mastered, I tend to get hammered by flak while trying to save my flight members from enemy fighters. :/
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  16. Schultz

    Schultz New Member

    Yes no flame bug would be great, the troops were awesome to see and engage. I liked seeing the front come alive, the Single player was amazing and I still can't find a game to fill the void that RB3D created. So the next kicker that is started you guys can count on $1,000 from this guy.
  17. Dread_Scott

    Dread_Scott New Member

    Red Barron 3D was my favorite game and sim bar none (SP & MMP). It's the only one that had view controls that made sense. I was a huge fan of the authentic flight modeling in both Sp & MP (never cared for arcade mode that much). I went out and purchased rudder pedals just for this game. Sadly, I haven't flown a sim since I switched from PC to Mac (many moons ago) because "normal" Mac sims just didn't compare to RB3D... Just sayin'... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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