Discussion in 'Red Baron 3D (1998)' started by Sam Smith, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith New Member

    Has anyone thought of bringing not just the new upcoming game but the two previous ones to steam?
  2. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    Sam - I love that idea. It coincides with thinking of bringing the upgraded Singleplayer, with a few more tweaks, into everyone's hands. Good Old Games already sells the old RB3D, so it is reasonable to think they would be interested in a modernized version.
  3. Gary Trotman

    Gary Trotman Moderator

    Single player was OK , but i liked the old (Always) Online multiplayer RB3D .
    I would park my Fighter next to the hanger and leave game on ! And go to sleep .
    Then at 3 AM , ALERT /ALERT/ALERT , The Air Raid Sirens would blare and i would jump out of bed and Into the Air to defend the base from some lone nightcrawler , lol My wife would scream ! Im Trying To Sleep you A Hole . lol
  4. Swampfox

    Swampfox New Member

    LOL. You aren't my wife's first husband are you?? I am totally MMP in RB3D, and that was my 24/7 playing technique also!. I thought she was awfully sensitive about that. <j/k>

    If this SP is properly tweaked, including and especially non-ubered FM to a higher level, I would enjoy it so much more. And that can be done I know, because we did start tweaking by minimizing AI running into mountainsides. Its wide open in potential, including wingmen. Then we stopped doing any new improvements on everything.

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