The Red Baron (website!) Flies again!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Damon, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. RFC Guns McKill

    RFC Guns McKill New Member

    Here is my squadron badge, sadly amalgamated now, but still there in spirit! 625 badge.jpg
  2. RFC Guns McKill

    RFC Guns McKill New Member

    My BGA wings. My wings.jpg

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  3. RFC Guns McKill

    RFC Guns McKill New Member

    And finally, me in my early gliding career, 2nd solo I think if memory serves. FacebookProfile.png
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  4. RFC Guns McKill

    RFC Guns McKill New Member

    I have a video of the takeoff and landing if anybody is interested in me posting it.
  5. Spartan

    Spartan Member

    Very impressive Guns. I'm suffering from severe envy at the moment. Like Gary I've been up for a ride in a biplane at an airshow, but that is my total flight experience outside of the cabin of a modern jet airliner.
  6. Gary Trotman

    Gary Trotman Moderator

    WoW , A Flying Antique, METAL . I live in a very popular sailplane area , Bishop California , During the summer months i will occasionally get that sixth sense and look up and spot a thin white fiberglass bird silently gliding past towards a landing at the local airport, Good Thermals in the Desert .
  7. TXRog

    TXRog New Member

    That just looks like too dang much fun, "Guns." YEE HA!!
  8. Spartan

    Spartan Member

    Yes sir! Please post the video.
  9. Mike (Shadow)

    Mike (Shadow) New Member

    Hi Damon,

    Very excited to hear that Red Baron may live again. It was one of my favorite PC games. I played as Shadow in the Rebels Squadron.

    Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can do to assist.

    S! Shadow
  10. AerialAssassin

    AerialAssassin New Member

    I am not familiar with the "Red Baron" groups, but was a very active participant on the Garage Games' "Ace of Aces" site when Damon had it up online and am very happy to see many names of pilots I flew with there - Nemetos, JJMac, Guns McKill, etc.
    I am both anxious and eager to once again fly with/against my old friends and make new ones as well.
    I wish you much success in this venture, Damon.
  11. TXRog

    TXRog New Member

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  12. AerialAssassin

    AerialAssassin New Member

    THAT would simply be too much fun, TXRog. Thanks for sharing.
  13. skullnbonz

    skullnbonz New Member

    Sure hope this game gets off the ground. Have seen to many good ones, (Ace of Aces and Wings of Prey), promise so much and disappoint so many. They all started out like this one, talked a good game, got it up and running, started charging for upgrades, then disappeared. I know you have promised it to be free to play. I'll believe it when I see it! All the secrecy isn't contributing one iota to your credibility. You've been talking about this game for years. Hey, get on with it already!
  14. David Butters

    David Butters New Member

    I played this game years ago and loved it. I think it would be great for others to play it as well. I fully support the drive to get it up ands running. I suggest that it be an arcade game on Xbox one or 360. It would be perfect in that milieu!!!! Microsoft needs a sim as well

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