Why Red Baron Now?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Damon, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Since I left the game and flight sim industry in 1994, the new flight simulators have not appealed to me. They have truly excelled in the obvious areas: graphics and flight model. But I think they dropped the ball in other key areas. I don’t think the campaigns are as immersive and compelling as they could be. They certainly haven’t pushed design in this area at all.

    And, I think they pretty much have ignored the vast majority of people who don’t play flight sims. This is sad. The genre could be so much more popular and be filled with so many more great gamers. I myself am a hard-core flight sim player—I’m a real pilot, and I am familiar with the details of flight and weather and airplanes—but I want to bring in many more people. Right now many flight sims are really daunting to new players.

    The controls are difficult and frustrating. I am not saying that we should make silly arcade flight games. I dislike those as much as anyone. The experience they offer is vapid. However, we can create a much better learning experience for new players. We can help them along each step of the way, and as they progress, discover new levels of realism for them to master. As it is now, we only get the really determined players to stick it out and become experts.

    So, I believe there is a false choice being presented to gamers: a flight game must either be:

    • a hard-core hyper-realistic vehicle simulation that will require tens or hundreds of hours of intense learning before you feel proficient, OR
    • it is easy to learn, easy to fly, kind of fun for while, but ultimately it’s a pretty empty experience, and really it’s just an arcade game skinned as a flight sim.
    I completely reject this choice. The consequence of this is that the vast majority of gamers don’t even bother to look at flight sims because they want something that is easy to learn, fun to play, yet is a deep, rich experience with layers that can be discovered over time.

    So, we will deliver an experience that is both a game that is easy-to-learn, but under the hood it is a rich and deep simulation, and the player can peel off more and more levels to discover new tactics and levels of immersion within the reality of the world.

    We'll have more detailed examples in the coming days and weeks on how we will accomplish this.

    That’s why Red Baron now. Thanks for listening!

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  2. Pips

    Pips New Member

    You've made my day! I've signed up.
  3. Catball

    Catball New Member

    With your views, you're absolutely right. Also I have dear flight games with a decent and well-thought-out missions design. The games such as rise of flight or Il2 Sturmovik cliffs of Dover have a nice graphics, but the missions are boring. Therefore, I loved the Red Baron and am very happy that there will now be a new edition.

    Thank you for this!
  4. Swordfish

    Swordfish New Member

    I've been flying Red Baron 3D for ten years now, and most of that time has been spent in MMP.
    I do miss the old days when we had big tournaments with lots of pilots and many squads, but we are still a group of die-hard fans that go on flying online on privately operated servers and meta-servers.

    It's about time for an upgrade of this game, we are looking forward to it! :)

  5. J5_Bäumer

    J5_Bäumer New Member

    Congratulations and best of luck. RB has a special place in flight sim history and in the hearts of some of us vetran "Greentails". I'll be doing my part as soon as the kick starter is relaunched.
  6. LE~Chouffleur

    LE~Chouffleur New Member

    While we await the relaunch of the kickstarter campaign is there anything we can do to help? I mean besides the obvious digging through old emails to find former squadmates to notify.
  7. Peacemaker

    Peacemaker New Member

    Very excited, RL has kept me from being able to game with my squadmates of the RAF209 since the "hibernation" of RB3D, I still play the single plyer side now and then for a few minutes befor work but I really would like to fly with RAF once again in Red Baron.... very excited.......very!:D
  8. Bedwyr

    Bedwyr New Member

    I am looking forward to seeing what is to come...I loved RB except for the severe lack of flyable two seaters, I've flown other sims with my fellow bretheren of No. 209 Squadron Peacemaker and Python, but they lacked any sense of SP immersion that RB had, and any of the togetherness in MMP that the RB community had.
  9. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Le Chouffleur, your question inspired us to add this page:
    You can spread the word by pressing the Share buttons for the social networks you're a member of.
  10. Tulaig

    Tulaig New Member

    I already have Damon, I have friends that have never bothered with a flight sim before, now ready to try because I Quote "won't shut up about it" and have regaled them about the hours and hours of time that I dutifully flew the front and killed any enemy aircraft that dared to fly into my vision.
  11. LE~Chouffleur

    LE~Chouffleur New Member

    I'm crawling through my email address book (already had one hit from a squadmate). The "social media" posting probably won't be echoing across the universe as virtual acquaintances share all sorts of weird interests with you. One guy there remembered RB fondly but didn't seem likely to pick up the torch.
  12. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Thanks for the shout out Le Chouffleur, regardless of its reach. We need to make some noise, and it starts one person at a time.
  13. Joe Karasinski

    Joe Karasinski New Member

    You can thank/blame Le Chouffleur that I'm here now. It's great to see so many names I remember. I will be following along with great interest. RB, RBII and 3D filled way too many hours and years to count and I met the greatest people from around the world.

    Best of luck to you and your team!
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  14. Damon

    Damon Developer

    Thanks, Joe!
    Lots of new and exciting stuff coming soon.
  15. LE~Bomzin

    LE~Bomzin New Member

    Why Red Baron now, I ask why Not !

    So I've been tinkering with an old 2ghx box I picked up and been trying to load up a haxed win98 and throw the old vodoo card in it and been hitting a wall. So I google Red Baron Linux, thinking maybe easier. Are any MP servers even still up? Then look what I find here. With Chauffer as a recent member, hell ya I'll throw the tags back on. How the hell you been mate.

    So do they make drivers for windows7 for microsoft sidewinder 2 . I stalk piled them back in the day.

    Note I've been poking RB for some time now. First time I've seen news of this, so I don't think your hitting googles top listings as of yet. Least not for me. I have a bunch of old email addy's I'm sure from all the war play. I'll put out a mailing. Spread the news.
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  16. Rivet

    Rivet New Member

    Thank you Damon,
    Onward with Red Baron!
  17. Crash163

    Crash163 New Member

    Have a i7 PC bought 4/2010 and have been sad with the graphics of the Rb3D although the craft rendering is very crisp. Gamed a lot with WW1 in CFS-1 and scenery was super for varied WW1 games. Lots of fun over the years till Micro dropped the servers 2006. Will love to have a rich graphics WW1 game you can dive into. Lots of fun without the constant " Who da Best pilot out there " Team games ton`s of fun with others. Crash163
  18. Crash163

    Crash163 New Member

    Red Baron Now Server Question... As the Texture and graphics of the short film clips are pretty { Rich ) ie full body and not Sparse, How will the Server be handled. A public server will be expensive over time and RB folks running one of their old PC`s as a Server may run into Band Pass problems with large Mb`s of scenery data being Transferred to multiple gamers. The rich full textures and scenery give you the impression that you are actually moving through and over the landscape. Immersive in nature. Not Sparse as Rb3d now is. However when it was made it had to be due more limited data Xfr methods.. Maybe the time has not come to address these items as yet but it is something to think about as the games Req`s are a bit higher than the older RB games. Crash163
  19. DJ Optik

    DJ Optik New Member

    One month later...
  20. padre_Jhonatan

    padre_Jhonatan New Member

    All greetings from Russian guys) Do not try to make fun of them , I do not know English very well ! Quite by accident I saw the news on the internet about the revival of RB, watched the video with the developers - it looks very convincingly ) This is really good, good news. I want to say thanks to the developers for what they have decided on this and wish them good luck in everything . If all goes as planned , I think this game will be a large audience worldwide as Damon right about modern flight simulators - they have nothing but beautiful graphics . Revival of the Red Baron will be a boon for gamers and fans of air battles of WWI. I hope everything will turn out , I and all my friends are looking forward to the game )

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